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Corporate headshot photographer in Los Angeles

working with area businesses and corporations.

Los Angeles Area Business Portraits

Corporate headshots are what we call "portraits of record", a photograph of a corporate officer used for reference on company websites or business collateral material. Portraits of record (head shots) are most often a simple setups and driven by the need to make several clean, well lighted photographs of staff members in a short period. Consequently, Ed can shoot up to 100 on-location corporate headshots in day and deliver final images within three or four days after final selections are made.

We also provide basic makeup service, seamless backgrounds, on-site review of portraits, a web site gallery for review of the images, image optimization, light Photoshop touch-up of final image and delivery via FTP.

For companies in Los Angeles seeking more than corporate head shots we provide character driven signature business portraiture with more attention paid to branding and marketing needs of the client. Los Angeles businesses seeking to distinguish themselves often want portraits that reflect their corporate branding statements and within corporate conventions. Also, marketing and communications directors often want business photography that is consistent with the company's core values so we provide a customized approach to photography to meet those needs.

We provide our clients with state-of-the-art photography, skills and resources to deliver portraiture projects ranging from a small leadership groups to individualized portrait work. There is a need for the efficiencies afforded by "portraits of record"; especially when large groups need to be photographed in a short time frame. We also collaborate with art directors and communications professionals who want more crafted portraiture for their design projects and branding concepts.

Since the Orange County and Los Angeles business community are so diverse and branding is so important in distinguishing the corporate image, collaboration with a cultured photographer can help achieve that goal. For instance, an entertainment company or design firm may want editorial look rather than standard corporate head shots (portraits of record) and a law firm or financial institution might want to distinguish their leadership while observing corporate conventions. This is what we do.

Our rates are based on a the quantity of people we photograph and the level of production that goes into to business portraits or head shots. We are competitive with photographers of equal merit in the Los Angeles market, and if you would like to see more examples of our work, we can put up a larger photo gallery for review.

On signing an estimate/work agreement we require a deposit 50 percent retainer to secure our commitment, the remainder of which is due within 30 days of completion of the work. Deliverables usually include the following: