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Health Care Photographer in Los Angeles

Healthcare Photography

Healthcare photographer Ed Carreon lives and works in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA. Some of his clients include Hospital, Keck Hospital USC, LA Care, California HealthCare Foundation Gilead Sciences and Amgen among others. They seek in him a photographer with a unique vision, corporate acumen and broad skill set including portraiture, commercial narrative, architectural and post production services which he provides for all his Healthcare clients. Some of his projects include healthcare photography libraries, branding campaigns, annual reports, marketing projects and corporate sustainability reports.

Ed understands the HIPA concerns and privacy issues around Healthcare photography as well as the needs associated with high priority collateral projects like annual reports and branding campaigns.

Given the growing competition withing Healthcare industries from pharma to family practice, Healthcare photography is becoming more imporatant than ever and finding someone to call on with multiple skill sets, a modern aesthetic and nationaly renowned clients can be an asset to any organization.

As a Healthcare photographer with strong commercial skills he can contribute creative solutions to collateral projects of all types and his skill sets include: production

skills, casting, location scouting, wardrobe styling, makeup/hair, optimizing, retouching and compositing, and location & studio lighting.

He is also easy to work with, works well under pressure and works miracles when necessary.

Ed is a Healthcare photographer in Los Angeles, California and he is often travels nationally for clients.