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Microvention, an Orange County based medical device manufacturer called us and asked if we might be interested in a multi-day shoot to illustrate three aspects of their company: Medical device usage for marketing, Business lifestyle images for a recruitment campaign and their lab facilities for marketing. I thought the project was right up our alley.

The medical device usage was shot in their demonstration surgical suite that they use for training doctors on the use of their coronary Stents and catheters. It was the perfect controlled environment to create a production shoot. The client wanted the images to look like a an actual surgery, so we used LED balanced with the availalbe lights and finished the images in post production.

The production crew was two assistants, a hair & makeup artist and stylist along with a digital tech. Since we had done a production scout the week before, we knew exactly what to expect in all three environments: surgical bay, corporate offices and their developement labs.

It was one of my favorite assignments of the year because it was difficult and I got to use all of my skills to meet a challenge. Easy gets harder and harder to do every day.