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Commercial Photographer in Los Angeles

for Agencies and design Firms.

Commercial Photography

Ed Carreon has been a commercial photographer in Los Angeles for over two decades and specializes in location photography with strong compositions and backgrounds with a natural light look.

We do both low and high production projects for clients ranging from financial firms and healthcare clients to the hospitality and software industries. Ed's long experience and style of clean well lit compositions make him the first choice when corporations and agencies are looking for a commercial photographer in Los Angeles. Our tailored approach to each project ensures that challenges to each project are addressed before they happen and workflow friction is minimized. We plan everything down to the smallest detail and work with a team of seasoned professionals so there are no hiccups in our clients projects. We are happy to talk about your project and how we can meet the unique challenges.

Commercial Portraits

Ed uses his technical, social and production skills to create authentic portraits in controlled production environments. No matter how many people we are photographing, each subject is treated with the same intensity and purpose to get the most authentic portraits. Portraiture is not about making pictures, it is about creating a relationship with a complete stranger, finding things in common and evoking emotional responses that are authentic. That takes social skills; not just commercial photography skills. Ed remains a commercial photographer in Los Angeles because his clients come back to him.

We help figure out the best way to approach your objectives. Commercial photography productions usually require detailed coordination between our team and the client, as well as broad range of skill sets and resources; that is where we come in. Wether you are planning an employee recruitment campaign or creating corporate marketing content, we can help you through the difficult parts such as casting, planning and resources. Plannig can be in-house for smaller productions or done with a producer for larger more complicated commercial productions.

For over 20 years Ed has worked for commercial photography clients such as such as Pimco, Thales, Johnson and Johnson, Virgin Galactic, Cedars Sinai, Amgen, Gilead Sciences, USC, UCLA, Stanford, Harvard, Conerstone on Demand, Oakwood, Ventura Foods, LiuGong, The Trading Company .

Commercial Workflow

When we receive a signed work agreement for commercail photography, we make sure production meetings take into account all logistical aspects of the shoot, accounting for the time and resources necessary to produce the commercial photography. We work with hair and makeup artists, stylists, producers, assistants and digital techs to ensure a successful outcome.

We shoot with Nikons, and our lighting scenarios typically involve a softbox, Octobank, beauty dish, LEDs and or silks depending on the client’s needs. Assignments are usually scouted, and Ed comes prepared for everything. Usually there are rentals involved, if the budget allows, and Ed always brings and at least one assistant. For commercial photography assignments in Los Angeles. We shoot and post within 72 hours and for travel assignments we usually post images for review within 72 hours after our return.

Commercial Coverage Areas

Ed may be a commercial photographer in Los Angeles, but he also covers Long Beach, Orange County, Burbank, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Riverside, Palm Springs, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley and San Diego.

His fees are competitive with colleagues of equal merit.