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Flora Photography

An aesthetic experiment with my iPhone led me to start shooting flora and landscape photography. With the iPhone there is no prep or process only the moment and the object . I started to come up with interesting images with just my iPhone and realized the images were different because I was not thinking about the images; just shooting flora with an idea in mind, as process and setup were not an option. So I wondered if I could trick myself into seeing differently with my big Nikon cameras.

The next day I went back to a local garden with my iPhone in one hand and a tripod and my Nikon in the other hand. Ignoring my big camera, I walked around as if I was only going to shoot with my iPhone, and when I was finished, I would pull out the Nikon and go through the setup of and process of shooting an image with all the care to detail I would normally do. The results were what you see on this page. I don’t considering myself a real fine art photographer since I only have time to shoot when I have free time.

I love organic patterns of energy I see in flora; just pure form, shape and color interrelated with each other. I love the beauty just waiting to be interpreted. I love the seeking and the seeing of fine art shapes.