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Los Angeles Corporate Event Photography

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Los Angeles Event Photography

Every event is a story to be told and Ed has been telling them for over two decades for editorial publications, institutions and corporations. Having been raised as a photojournalist in his early career, he has photographed events ranging from presidential arrivals to the fortune 500 corporate events in every conceivable venue. Ed’s strength is as a story teller, so he makes pictures with a purpose, always focuses on the story, the client's needs and corporate conventions.

As a Los Angeles corporate event photographer, he has covered events and a huge range of events throughout with a photojournaistic style but always with the clients needs in mind. Some of Ed's most relevant clients have included the NY Times, Life Magazine, Fortune, NewsWeek, Discover Channel, National Geographic, Gilead Sciences, ACE insurance, California Healthcare Foundation, Chase Bank, Wellsfargo, Weyerhaeuser, Target, PIMCO, Alzheimers Foundation, Herbal Life, Tyson Foods, Civas Regal, etc. For a full list of our clients.

For clients in need of immediate or live delivery, we can send images on location from an iPhone while we are shooting and can deliver all images within 24 hours when necessary. We usually arrive with just our SLR gear, an optional lap top computer, and work as quitely as possible. Afterward we process and edit the event images, then upload them to a web gallery for final selection. Final delivery for our corporate event photography is usually via Dropbox or WeTransfer.

Corporate and institutional clients with multi-day events at the Los Angeles Convention center receive a discount on all of our services.

Corporate Event Coverage

If you like to hire a corporate event photographer in Los Angeles or more than one photographer we can help. Also, for existing clients, if you have need of a photographer within any major metro in United States we can we can help find the right photographer for your needs.

We can set up a portfolio specific to your event needs:

To read more about our event photography process please see our relevant blog post.. or send us an email and we would be happy to talk about covering the type of event you need photographed.