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Business Photographer specializing in corporate and editorial photography.

Specializing in portraiture and story telling photography for corporate, commercial, advertising and editorial photography clients, Los Angeles photographer Ed Carreón is a seasoned commercial photographer with over 25 years of experience.

We collaborate with corporate communication and design communities to create still photographs for editorial and corporate branding projects, corporate sustainability reports, web content, corporate image libraries and advertising campaigns. Ed is also known for creating dynamic content and evocative portraits for clients with high stakes projects.

Ed is a full-stack, production photographer who’s work with communications and design teams has earned him clients including Gilead Sciences, Acura, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Forbes, New York Times, USC, Cedars Sinai Hospital, Amgen, Pratt and Whitney, Owens Corning, PIMCO, Chivas Regal, CVS Pharmacy, Chase Bank, Herbal Life, Life Magazine, Red Cross, Target Corp., Valspar and Transdev . He understands that his clients are not seeking just a photographer but someone who brings creative intelligence to the table, understands corporate etiquette, and possesses advanced digital and production skills. These clients also want someone who solves problems before they happen and can work across multiple genres of photography including portrait, narrative and architectural imagery. Ed’s photographic skills give him an edge in solving problems and executing the client’s vision.

For example, Prologis sought a commercial photographer in Los Angeles to create images of their facilities at Los Angeles International Airport. Ed was chosen to shoot the project but conditions on the ground made his job impossible to shoot as planned. He needed to shoot a cargo plane with the loading facilities in the background but the cargo schedule did not allow for this and the plane would not return in time to meet his deadline.Ed shot the planes then came back the next day to shoot the buildings and then assembled the images in post production.

Similarly, Transdev hired Ed to photograph a busy transportation center, but because of scheduling issues outside of his control, the center was not at peak usage when he arrived and did not look busy enough to suit the client’s needs. Once again, using post-production solutions, Ed gathered enough visual resources to created the scene in post-production instead of charging the client another day’s fee to re-shoot. The image was a truthful representation of the transportation center at peak usage and reflects Ed’s problem solving skills.

Our collaborative work ethic allows us to add value to the client’s vision without friction because we understand that the work is not about us but about the success of the project.

Shaping our client’s expectations is critical before initiating photography projects so we are careful to inform our clients what is within the scope of possibility given the resources devoted to a photography project.

When the stakes are high and you are seeking a high degree of certainty for your project, there are few photographers in Los Angeles that can knit together photographic, social, technical and production skills to give you to certainty you seek.

Ed’s clients have hired him for work in multiple capacities including visual story-telling, corporate and editorial portraiture, industrial and architectural work.

His rates are competitive with Los Angeles photographers of equal merit, and he is happy to talk with clients about their budgets. Knowing your budget ahead of time gives us the opportunity to make adjustments to our photography work flow to meet your needs and keep to your budget.

We are located near downtown Los Angeles although we travel to near by counties including Orange County, Ventura County, Santa Barbara and San Diego. Near by cities include Long Beach, Pasadena and Riverside

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