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Corporate photographer, commercial photographer, editorial photographer, photojournalist, annual reports photographer, Los Angeles photographer. Introducing Ed Carreon.

Ed specializes in portraiture and narrative photography for editorial, corporate and commercial clients. He collaborates with communications directors, creative directors, and photo editors to create photographs for editorial projects, annual reports, web content and corporate image collections. His rates are competitive with Los Angeles photographers of equal merit and is happy to talk with clients about their budgets.


Ed Carreon

Ed discovered his love of visual narratives while traveling in Latin America after high school. His ability to communicate and capacity for empathy lead him to a career with the Orange County Register, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, Life, Newsweek, and National Geographic. He learned the value of simplicity and thoughtful storytelling while documenting everything from the Los Angeles riots to the immigration stories of Mexico.

Changes in the newspaper industry motivated Ed to explore a more commercial and corporate work. His photojournalistic experience remains a constant influence to his approach to portraiture as a means of storytelling. He now shoots portraits and narratives for annual reports, corporate, advertising, and editorial photography. His clients include MetWest, Target, USC, Wells Fargo, Valspar, and Veolia.

Currently, Ed lives in his native Los Angeles with his wife, daughter, and beagle.

When he is not working on photography he enjoys smoking a leisurely cigar, drinking green tea, reading about astrophysics, and camping with his family.


Why hire Ed instead of another photographer in Los Angeles?

Ed believes clients with serious budgets don't hire photographer's just to make photographs but to solve problems they may not know they have. One Example. No one can predict outcomes on the ground but you can hire someone with a record of providing solutions to unexpected problems and contributing to creative solutions. He will tell your story because he understands how to craft a visual narrative and he understands the difference between corporate and editorial branding conventions. He gets that images which represent an institution are not captured on the fly - they are crafted to suit an aesthetic or a statement created by an art director, marketing director, or creative director. Ed has worked in Los Angeles as a commercial photographer for many years and understands the nuances between editorial content and branding campaigns.

His talent, broad range of skills, and over twenty years of experience are available to you, and everything from his corporate portrait work to his personal work will come to bear on your project. Please compare his work to other professional photographers in Los Angeles and you will see the difference.

Y Why would you hire just any Los Angeles photographer when you can hire someone who can bring a lot to the table: contribute to the discussion, speak to your needs, and create a narrative and aesthetic to suit your needs. Because he can speak your language, he can add to creative solutions for branding, annual reports, and corporate image libraries.

There are times when a high production values, associated with commercial photography, are not necessary. In these cases a portrait of record, a simple (simple corporate headshot), or event photography for basic event coverage is more appropriate. Ed can help in these situations as well. Please ask to see a portfolio that suits your specific needs.