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Visual Story Telling

"If a tree falls in a forest and no one’s around to hear it, does it make a sound?" Until someone tells the story, does the event have any meaning, is it a story? In our reality the telling gives meaning to the world and, as the writer Allen Feldman put it, "An event is not what happens. The event is what can be narrated. "

Stories capture people’s attention because our brain, doesn’t distinguish between reading about experiences and real life, according to recent studies. The same studies show significant overlap in our brain’s neural networks used to understand narratives and the networks used to navigate social interactions .

What is your story and who will tell it?

Ed grew up in the business as a photojournalist in Los Angeles telling stories for newspapers and major magazines throughout the world. Eventually the narrative form of photography became his third language (Spanish is his second) and he began using his photojournalism skill set to shoot commercial narratives and business lifestyle images for Corporate events.

Enamored of the narrative form of photography, He traveled the world as a photojournalist covering stories from the first Iraq war and LA riots to life in a small Mexican Indian village for magazines that included Life, Forbes, Fortune, National Geographic, NewsWeek, Time, etc. Some of his corporate clients have included Chivas Regal, Gilead Sciences, Discovery Channel, Target Corp., UCLA, USC, Pacer Stack Train, Avial, Tremco, Target etc.

If you would like to see more of how Ed handles corporate event photography or marketing events you can also review his narrative gallery ask him to show work for specific venues.

He works quietly to create a series of event photographs that collectively tell a story with a with an eye towards the an emotive moment and the aesthetic.

Upon signing an estimate/work agreement ed will go into planning and follow up with a set up expectations. When the work is done we edit upload images to a web site for the client to review. After image selection is made our office will do final processing on the images and delivery is made via FTP or DVD.

Most commercial rates for photography are negotiated on a case-by-case basis and depend on difficulty, duration, production values and usage of pictures. His rates are competitive with other commercial photographers of equal merit. Fees for editorial assignments usually begin at $800.00 and typical expenses include digital processing, mileage, meal, parking, and an assistant when necessary.