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Corporate headshot photography in Los Angeles

for businesses and corporations.

Corporate headshot photographer in Los Angeles.

Ed Carreon is a corporate headshot photographer in Los Angeles and provides crafted corporate portraits with attention paid to authenticity, emotional resonance, branding, and the marketing needs of our clients. Ed specializes in corporate portraits and professional headshots for corporations and institutions. Los Angeles businesses who want to distinguish themselves choose an experienced corporate headshot photographer with great social skills who can reflect their corporate branding statements and conventions. They want a frictionless way to integrate their business headshots into their company’s marketing material. Ed Carreon provides that, along with commercial headshots tailored for professionals in various industries. Marketing and communications directors also want a corporate headshot photographer who is authentic and consistent with their company’s core values and we meet those needs. Investing in a professional headshot session with Ed Carreon can support clients' careers by enhancing their professional image.

About the Los Angeles Corporate Headshot Photographer

Ed grew up in the business as a photojournalist working for the likes of National Geographic, New York Times, and Fortune Magazine. Over the last 25 years, he has photographed corporate headshots and executive portraits, artists, and celebrities from Fortune 500 corporations to small law firms. As a corporate headshot photographer in Los Angeles, his strength is as an artist, so he makes portraits with a purpose and uses his social skills to bring out authentic moments in each portrait session.

Because of Ed’s editorial experience, he is focused on making professional headshots with authentic expressions and beautiful lighting, and he moves effortlessly between shooting corporate headshots indoors and outdoors with strobe lighting or available light scenarios.

His early influences were Renaissance artists like Raphael, Caravaggio, and Michelangelo and portrait photographers such as Helmut Newton, Richard Avedon, William Penn, Steve Meisel, Youseph Karsh, Annie Leibowitz, and George Hurrell.

So lighting, composition, and facial expression of corporate headshots and business headshots are critical to him. It is how he distinguishes himself from all of the other headshot photographers by aiming to provide the best headshots that set his clients apart.

Business Portrait Process

We start by asking what the corporate headshots are being used for and if the client is working with a designer so that we understand the intention of the portraits. Understanding the importance of headshot photography is crucial in achieving professional goals and making a significant impact on personal branding and career advancement.

If the client is seeking character-driven portraits then attention to detail and one-on-one time with the subject are critical factors in the success of the project.

Anyone can place a subject in front of a camera and push a button but to create compelling portraits of people who are not actors requires social skills to build rapport with the subject so they feel comfortable with the process.

We provide our clients with state-of-the-art photography, skills, and resources to create crafted corporate headshots and business photography, and we collaborate with art directors and communications professionals who want more individualized corporate portraiture for their design projects and branding concepts. Ed Carreon's professional headshots are a valuable investment for clients' branding, offering in-studio and outdoor sessions with wardrobe styling, makeup pointers, and expert posing to enhance their career and personal brand.

The Los Angeles business community is diverse, so style is important in distinguishing corporate leadership, and collaboration with an experienced cultured corporate photographer can help achieve that goal. For instance, an entertainment company may want an environmental background, and a financial institution might want to distinguish its leadership more conventionally on a seamless background.

We also create simple corporate headshots for large groups if there is a need for many people in a short time frame.

You can read more about options for corporate headshots and portraits on our blog.

For company groups under 25, we don’t have a limit on how many corporate headshots we make, since we want our subjects to look and feel comfortable. We find that around 20-30 minutes per person works best or corporate portraits and corporate headshots. That adds up to 24 subjects over 8 hours.

We recommend that folks not wear plaids, tweeds herringbone, or tight pinstripes since they can create moire patterns. Reading glasses can present a problem if they do not have an anti-reflective coating. If necessary, we can optionally reduce the reflection in post-production.

We can also swap out backgrounds at scale for corporate portraits shot on seamless backgrounds. The backgrounds for composited headshots are usually shot at the client’s location or we can provide business backgrounds from our photo library.

Ed has photographed as many as 100 headshots in a day and then replaced the backgrounds. Companies choose this option to extend the usefulness of an image. For larger groups, we can bring in additional photographers to complete the project.

Comprehensive Portrait Services

Studio portraits on seamless backgrounds

Environmental Portraits

Outdoor Portraits

Indoor Portraits

Composite group portraits (studio)

Composite single portraits (background and subject)

Corporate lifestyle photography

For clients with simple needs, corporate headshots can be simplified to produce company portraits where the setup is simple and driven by the need to make man clean, well-lit corporate headshots of many staff members. Consequently, we can shoot up to 100 on-location corporate headshots in a day and deliver final images within three or four days after final selections are made. For greater amounts of people, we can bring in additional corporate headshot photographers.

For more character-driven business portraits we set up a studio on-site suited for higher production values and we spend time building rapport with the subject to evoke authentic responses.

We also apply light makeup to some of our subjects or we can bring in a makeup artist to work with us.

For group portraits, we can photograph the whole group at once or we can create composite groups, shooting one person at a time and then creating a composite of a group. In this way when staff members leave the company, you can replace members of the group one at a time as required. As a Los Angeles headshot photographer, Ed Carreon offers a range of company portrait services to meet diverse client needs.

Additionally, we can create a library of business lifestyle photography for your company's content needs.

Corporate Headshot Rates

Our photography rates are based on the quantity of people we photograph, the level of production the desired intention for the business portraits or headshots.

However, with large groups, we can provide a day rate. We are competitive with photographers of equal merit in the Los Angeles corporate headshot market, and if you would like to see more examples of our work, we can put up a larger photo gallery for review.

For corporate headshots and business portraits of just a single individual, clients can send individual members of your staff to our studio which is located 10 minutes outside of downtown Los Angeles. It is a comfortable low-pressure environment free from distractions where clients can view their business portraits on a large screen.

On signing an estimate/work agreement we require a retainer of 50 percent to secure our commitment, the remainder of which is due within 30 days of completion of the work.

What to consider when hiring a corporate headshot photographer

Ed's style is visible throughout his portrait work and across several galleries.

We shoot both strobe-lit and available light environmental portraits in settings ranging from the exteriors and interiors of business offices to more natural settings.

Ed lights his subjects depending on the location, the intentions of the client, and even the time of day. Sometimes he uses soft boxes, beauty dishes, silks, or reflectors as needed to adapt to the client’s needs.

We carry a $4,000,000 liability policy that covers our clients and we can send certificates of liability when required.

We have you covered. We can show galleries of several types of environmental and studio portraits to consider when you are thinking about your approach to photography.

You can lean on Ed for ideas and options.

Ed does.

Ed began shooting events over 25 years ago for newspapers and magazines under deadline pressure, so photographing corporate events does not present a challenge.

Ed listens first and then asks questions about the project and the client's intentions. Additionally, Ed usually asks for a production meeting to understand the expectations and inquire about logistics and details that will make the photography project run smoothly.

Ed does full retouching on one corporate portrait per person the the price is included in the fee. For large groups of corporate headshots, he does light batch processed retouching that includes skin smoothing and eye and teeth whitening.

There is no limit to how far in advance you can book a Los Angeles event photographer with us.

Corporate Headshot Deliverables

  • Light Makeup
  • Studio Lighting
  • Electronic Delivery
  • Seamless backgrounds
  • $4,000,000 liability insurance
  • Environmental backgrounds
  • On-site review of business portraits
  • Light makeup service (small groups)
  • Assistant. Depending on the project.
  • One Web gallery for review of all images
  • Multiple Web galleries for review (optional)
  • Delivery of photographs via Dropbox or WeTransfer
  • Full Retouching (20 minutes per corporate portrait)
  • Full retouching (optional for large groups of headshots)
  • Delivery of images within 7 working days of final selections.

Our business portrait clients include:

  • Law Firms
  • Medical Offices
  • Fortune 500 Firms
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Entertainment Companies
  • Financial Services firms
  • Pharmaceutical Corporations