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Los Angeles Business Portraits

Ed Carreon is a corporate headshot photographer in Los Angeles and provides craftedcorporate potraits with attention paid to authenticity, emotional resonance, branding and the marketing needs of our clients. Los Angeles businesses who want to distinguish themselves choose an experienced corporate photographer with great social skills and can reflect their corporate branding statements and conventions. They also want frictionless work flows to integrate into their content produciton. Ed Carreon provides just that. Marketing and communications directors also want business photography that is authentic and consistent with their company's core values and we meet those needs.

Our clients include:

For those with simple needs, corporate headshots can be simplified to produce a "portraits of record” where the setup is simple and driven by the need to make several clean, well lighted images of many staff. Consequently, we can shoot up to 100 on-location corporate headshots in day and deliver final images within three or four days after final selections are made. For greater amounts of people we can bring in other photographers.

Included with most of our corporate headshots assignments:

We provide our clients with state-of-the-art photography, skills and resources to create crafted corporate headshots in Los Angeles, and we collaborate with art directors and communications professionals who want more individualized corporate portraiture for their design projects and branding concepts. We also create simple corporate headshots for large groups where there is a need for efficiency in a short time frame.

The Orange County and Los Angeles business communities are diverse, so style is important in distinguishing the corporate brand and collaboration with an experienced cultured photographer can help achieve that goal. For instance, an entertainment company or design firm may want editorial look rather than standard corporate head shots (portraits of record) and a law firm or financial institution might want to distinguish their leadership while observing corporate conventions. This is what we do and you can read more about your options on our blog.

For groups under 25 people we do not have a limit on how many corporate headshots that we make, since we want our subjects to look and feel comfortable. We find that around 20 minutes per person works well for corporate headshots and portraits, and that adds up to 24 people over an 8-hour period. We recommend that folks not wear plaids, tweeds herringbone or tight pinstripes since it can creat moire patterns. Reading glasses can present a problem if they do not have an anti-reflective coating. If necessary, we can optionally reduce the reflection in post production.

We can also swap out backgrounds at scale for coporate protraits shot on seamless backgrounds. The backgrounds for composited headshots are usually shot at the clients location or we can provide business backgrounds from our library. Ed has photographed as many at 80 headshots in a day. and then replaced the backgrounds. Companies choose this option to extend the usefulness of an image. For larger groups we can bring in additional photographers to complete the project.

Our photography rates are based on a the quantity of people we photograph and the level of production that goes into to business portraits or head shots. However, with large groups we can provide a day rate. We are competitive with photographers of equal merit in the Los Angeles corporate headshot market, and if you would like to see more examples of our work, we can put up a larger photo gallery for review.

For corporate headshots and business portraits of just a single individual, clients can send their staff to our studio which is located 10 minutes outside of downtown Los Angeles. It is a compfortable low pressure environment free from distractions where clients can view their portraits on a large screen.

On signing an estimate/work agreement we require a deposit 50 percent retainer to secure our commitment, the remainder of which is due within 30 days of completion of the work.