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Los Angeles industrial photographer

working with design and communications professionals.

Industrial Photographer

Ed Carreon is an industrial photographer in Los Angeles working with communications, marketing, and design teams seeking a seasoned photographer with a unique vision, big chops, broad skill set and a network of industry resources. His admiration for human achievement, science and architecture give him the ability to see the potential for art in industry and beauty in toil.

At Ed Carreon Photography, we solve big and little problems you didn't even know you had, and we create clean beautiful coherent industria pictures that are difficult to execute, in dirty, poorly lit factory environments.

Ed is a story-telling photographer who listens and collaborates well, has a vision for his projects, as well as innovative solutions. He has a aptitude for transforming dimly lit, mundane industrial settings into beautiful and interesting photographic scenes.

With over two decades of experience, he has developed a unique eye for photographing technology and human endeavor in industries ranging from transportation and aerospace to construction and pharmaceuticals. For clients, that means that Ed can develop unique approaches to photography with a wide array processes and tools.

For example, we were asked by AMRO, an aerospace fabricating company, to photograph a high-tech machined platform used for a NASA mission, along with a computerized Toshiba lathe. . He used digital techniques used by retouchers and lighting typically used in the automotive industry; something Ed picked up during his long career.

Photography Process

Our photography projects range in size from small half-day shoots for construction companies to art directed, multi-day high-production shoots for aerospace and pharma companies. We can scale our photography fees to your needs. Most often we shoot on location which includes industrial product assignments where we build our own sets on location as we did for the Boeing Company recently.

Ed was also hired to photograph Relativity Space's 26ft tall robotic 3D printer which is used to make rocket ship housings. The challenge was lighting it so it looked interesting but was safe to execute; not an easy feat given that we had to hang 10 1000 watt lights on two 24ft tall stands to backlight a 20 X 20 ft silk. On top of that we had to make sure that it did not topple or collapse. Additionally, the structure could not be photographed in one shot but rather 7 shots that were later composited in post-production. It was the most technically difficult shot we have made for any industrial client and our turn around time was 24 hours. Yikes!! The crew consisted of three assistants and Ed and the project took 12 hours to execute four images.

And did we mention that Ed is also easy to work with and works well under pressure?

We include many post production services on our photography assignments including, editing, color, tone and perspective correction along with some compositing.

Ed seeks to understands problems before they happen and the safety issues around industrial photography projects before the shoot day. He has received Roadway Worker Safety Training which conforms to the Federal Railroad Administration’s regulations for roadway worker protection.

Fees for industrial photography are determined by time, the extent of work, and are competitive with photographers of equal merit.

Some of Ed's clients have included Weyerhaeuser Corp., Ingersol Rand, Corp., Amgen, Reliance Steel & Aluminum, Clipper WindPower Corp., Mortenson Construction, HerbaLife, JCM Engineering, Carbon Composites, Valspar, Transdev Corp. Gilead Sciences, Alta Gas, Composite Horizons, Prologis, Relativity Space, and many more.

And yes, we are based in Los Angeles, although we often work with industries in Riverside, Orange County, Long Beach, Pasadena, City of Industry, City Commerce, Ventura and San Diego.