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Los Angeles industrial photographer

with over 25 years of experience. He has a unique approach to photographing industry and human endeavors, transforming lackluster industrial environments into beautiful and visual narratives. He is a storyteller with a vision for his projects, and he listens and collaborates well with clients to create the beautiful images.

Photography Services

We provide a range of still photography and drone coverage, across multiple industries including warehousing, manufacturing, agriculture, and construction. Projects range from efficient half-day shoots for construction projects to elaborate multi-day productions for aerospace giants.

Additionally, when clients need expertise in more than one genre of photography we provide expertise in portraiture and architectural photography. We can also recommend other photographers of equal merit in different parts of the country. We scale our fees to your needs and are competitive with photographers of equal merit.

Basic post-production services are included in our photography assignments, including editing, color, tone, and perspective correction, but projects that require compositing are an additional charge.

The Vision Thing

With a storyteller's eye and over 25 years of experience, Ed crafts captivating visual narratives by transforming ordinary industrial settings. His passion for human ingenuity, science, and architecture fuels his ability to find beauty in labor and industry. Collaboration is key, and Ed listens attentively to his clients before bringing their vision to life.

Ed’s extensive experience gives him an understanding of the industrial landscape, so he provides an understanding that allows him to solve big and little problems before they happen, and he creates clean, beautiful, coherent industrial images that are difficult to execute in oily, dimly lit factory environments.


Ed Carreon Photography takes a collaborative approach to every project. We start by understanding the client's needs and goals, and then they develop a custom plan to meet those needs. His extensive experience with industrial photography projects allows him to solve problems before they happen, and create clean, beautiful, and coherent images that are difficult to execute in oily, dimly lit factory environments.

Upon booking, we often scout a location to anticipate issues and plan for the production day. This removes unforeseen issues on the shoot day and smooths the workflow. Additionally, we shoot to a laptop or iPad so our client feels comfortable with the images.

After the shoot, we edit, tone, color correct, and upload images to a gallery for viewing. Delivery is typically through a Dropbox download unless otherwise requested.

Happy Endings

Consider our assignment for Relativity Space who hired us to photograph their 26ft tall robotic 3D printer used to make rocket ship housings.

The challenge was lighting it so it looked beautiful and doing it safely; not an easy feat, given that we had to hang 10 1000-watt lights on two 24ft tall towers to backlight a 20 X 20 ft silk.

Additionally, the structure had to be photographed in 7 shots that were later assembled in post-production. It was the most technically challenging image we have made for any industrial client, and our turn-around time was 24 hours. Yikes!! Our crew consisted of three seasoned assistants and Ed, and it took 12 hours to execute four final images.

We usually shoot on-site, where we sometimes build our own sets or shoot on the factory floors of clients like AMRO, an aerospace fabricating company, to photograph a high-tech machined platform used for a NASA mission, along with a computerized Toshiba lathe. . Ed used digital techniques used by Hollywood retouchers and lighting typically used in the automotive industry, something Ed picked up during his long career.

Competitive Fee Structure

The cost of each project reflects the complexity of each project, accounting for time, difficulty, and scope of work. Our fees are competitive with photographers of equal merit, and we seek cost-cutting measures whenever possible.

Our Client List

Our clients have included ASP, Weyerhaeuser Corp., Ingersol Rand Corp., Amgen, Reliance Steel & Aluminum, Clipper WindPower Corp., Virgin Galactic, Mortenson Construction, HerbaLife, JCM Engineering, Astro Forge, Hadrian, Carbon Composites, Ventura Foods, General Motors, Valspar, Transdev Corp. Gilead Sciences, Alta Gas, Composite Horizons, Prologis, Relativity Space, and many more. 

Embracing a Geographic Canvas

We are based in Los Angeles, and we often work with companies in Riverside, Orange County, Long Beach, the City of Industry, Ventura, and San Diego.

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