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HealthCare Photography in Los Angeles

Healthcare Photographer

Ed grew up in the business as a photojournalist where he learned to solve problems quickly and under pressure. His clients like working with him because he has a unique vision, deep professionalism, a collaborative nature, and a broad skill set including portraiture, narrative photography, commercial productions, architectural photography, and post-production services he provides for his Healthcare industry clients.

He is hired for healthcare photography projects that include image content libraries, branding campaigns, annual reports, marketing, advertising projects, and high-priority collateral projects where he works with large and small crews on productions of varying sizes.  His lighting skills allow him to light whole surgical sets or work quietly in the background during surgeries. Clients like his versatility of skills that allow him to pivot from a high-production healthcare set to a simple low-production, natural-looking set on the same campaign.

He is also keenly aware of HIPAA regulations

Healthcare Photography Process

Ed always starts by listening to the client’s needs and asking questions about logistics, and expectations, proposing creative solutions and budgets. This is often followed by a production meeting, location scouting, and assembling the crew and gear.

He produces most healthcare photography assignments, handles post-production, and hires the right crew.  Images are posted on an Adobe gallery for review after color grading and toning. The final images are retouched and or assembled for final delivery via Dropbox.

Healthcare Photographer Favorite Projects

Ed loves working as an eldercare photographer. He loves the simple and genuine interactions he finds in the eldercare community which are ideal for lifestyle photography.

Pharmaceutical assignments provide a healthcare photographer with the greatest variety of settings. From laboratory photography to editorial-style portraits to lifestyle photography, pharmaceutical assignments have provided Ed with great professional satisfaction. Incorporating medical photography into these assignments has allowed Ed to emphasize the importance of professional, aesthetically pleasing images that effectively showcase a medical practice, offering him a unique opportunity to create customized content that helps these practices stand out.

Large medical centers and medical device clients have provided the greatest technical lighting challenges that often involve lighting whole sets under pressure.

Healthcare Photography Services

What to consider when hiring a Healthcare photographer

Ed can assemble a production where the whole set is lit with expert lighting or build a location studio set shooting portrait work.

Ed’s skills range from production lighting to architectural photography, editorial-style portraits, and photojournalism. You can lean on him to meet a wide variety of needs that a large medical center or pharmaceutical giant might need. Moreover, Ed collaborates well with his clients, including creatives, doctors, healthcare scientists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, to generate creative solutions for their needs.

Ed’s portfolio speaks for itself.

You would be surprised how many photographers do not carry liability insurance. Healthcare photographers should carry at least $2,000,000 worth of insurance. We have a $4,000,000 policy and can usually provide proof of insurance on short notice.

We have you covered.