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Los Angeles Corporate Photography

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Corporate Photography in Los Angeles

Ed Carreon is a business and corporate photographer in Los Angeles, creating images for  corporate websites, image libraries, marketing collateral,  editorial content, and corporate branding projects. 

He specializes in corporate portraiture and business lifestyle photography where he uses his story-telling abilities and technical skills to create cohesive content projects for companies.

About the Corporate Photographer

Over 25 years ago, Ed began work as a photojournalist for storied magazines like the New York Times, National Geographic, Life, Forbes, Fortune, Time, Newsweek, US News, and World Report. He traveled the world covering major events from the first Gulf War to the Los Angeles riots and photographed celebrities, artists, everyday folk, and executive portraits from Fortune 500 companies.

This led to working as a professional corporate photographer in Los Angeles, collaborating with art directors and marketing and communications professionals from Corporations throughout Los Angeles.

His major influences were Renaissance artists like Raphael, Caravaggio, and Michelangelo and portrait photographers such as Helmut Newton, Eugene Smith, William Penn, Steve Meisel, Youseph Karsh, Annie Leibowitz, and George Hurrell.

Ed brings his experiences in photojournalism and commercial photography to his corporate photography work through composition and lighting so his mages have a cohesive style. He understands he is not selling photography but using photography to sell confidence to clients with high-stakes communications and marketing projects.

Corporate Photography Services

Corporate portraits, where we create stylized images of the company leadership through environmental portraiture or on-location studio portraiture anywhere in Los Angeles.

As a professional corporate portrait photographer, Ed can draw from various options to distinguish corporate leadership so the photographs have a tight, cohesive style throughout the project. Ed works with his corporate portrait subjects to find a range of expressions and body language so the business portraits have a range of facial expressions.

Professional Corporate headshots are clean, well-lit corporate portraits of faculty and staff typically shot on seamless backgrounds, allowing for the efficient creation of portraits for many people. Corporate headshots are an efficient way of photographing a group of people efficiently.

Within this category, we can also create composite group portraits where we photograph individuals on a seamless background that we use to create a group corporate portrait.

Corporate lifestyle photography of business life in a company’s offices. It is the art of the found image, a meaningful composition of day-to-day scenes through office environment photos. Ed is a master at finding and creating scenes when necessary.

Corporate Event Photography. We cover large and small corporate events in Los Angeles the same way Ed covered major world events. He seeks to understand the scene first, then shoots overall images that define the scope of the event, key moments on stage, audience reaction, social engagement, and spontaneous moments that highlight the spirit of the event. Corporate events are one of his specialties.

Corporate Photography Process

We begin by actively listening to the client's needs and asking about options, logistics, expectations, and budget. This collaborative approach allows us to propose creative solutions tailored to their corporate photography aspirations. We can choose from a variety of image styles.

This can be followed by a location scout, depending on the project requirements. We don't need to scout locations for corporate headshots.

We create clean, well-lit studio and environmental portraits on location, indoors or outdoors for office environment photos. We also provide light makeup for most subjects and can arrange for a professional makeup artist for our corporate photography projects.

His exceptional social skills put people at ease in front of the camera, and his superb production skills come together to deliver finished portraits on a deadline, whether for large production shoots or simpler corporate available light portraits.

Ed typically works alongside an assistant, capturing images directly to a laptop or iPad, allowing clients to see what they are getting in real-time.

He produces all his corporate photography assignments, handles post-production, and hires the right crew.  Images are posted on an Adobe gallery for review after color grading and toning. The final images are retouched and or assembled for final delivery via Dropbox.

Corporate Photography Rates

Our rates are project-by-project, and we are competitive with Los Angeles photographers of equal merit. 

If you’d like to see more examples of corporate lifestyle or corporate photography, we can create a web gallery with more images for consideration.

Useful Questions when hiring a corporate photographer

Ed carries at least $4,000,000 worth of insurance and can usually provide proof of insurance on short notice.

Ed Can. He has relationships with photographers throughout the country.

Yes, and yes.


Besides business portraits, Ed's portfolio shows a great range of subject expression, lighting, demographics, and backgrounds. His work includes a range of commercial photography genres; not just corporate headshots.

Ed seeks to understand before he seeks to be understood. He listens first then asks questions, and proposes ideas and options.

Ed can bring in additional photographers to handle a large number of business portraits.

The depends on the scope and type of the photography project. Corporate portraits usually take 15-20 minutes per person and business lifestyle photography depends on the number of final images required and the office environment.

Ed asks a lot of questions so he can anticipate the challenges. Planning for large projects is critical, especially if multiple genres of photography are required.

No, other people who shoot headshot photography are better suited to the work. This is Los Angeles. There is no shortage of photographers who shoot actor headshots.

Up to 20 minutes of retouching is included on one image per person for corporate portraits and batched proccessed retouching is included with large groups of corporate headshots

We typically do not retouch event photography unless requested and then retouching rates apply. All images are toned and color-corrected before we deliver them.

We are located just outside of downtown Los Angeles, but we travel to Orange County, Ventura County, and San Diego Counties as required for the job. Travel fees apply sometimes to areas outside of Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

There is no limit to how far in advance you can book a Los Angeles event photographer with us.

We use Nikon Z-9s and multiple strobe heads, soft boxes, beauty dishes, silks, lenses, and reflectors.



Gilead Sciences, Accura, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Forbes, New York Times, National Geographic, USC, Davita, Cedars Sinai Hospital, Amgen, Corient Pratt and Whitney, Owens Corning, PIMCO, Chivas Regal, CVS Pharmacy, Chase Bank, Herbal Life, Life Magazine, Red Cross, Target Corp., Valspar, Relativity Space and Transdev.